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revision 1823 by ksteube, Mon Sep 8 04:32:19 2008 UTC revision 1824 by ksteube, Thu Oct 2 01:08:25 2008 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  #!/bin/sh  #!/bin/sh
3    # Escript/Finley wrapper for python
4    # Sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PYTHONPATH and then runs either python or the MPI launcher
7  Usage: escript [options] script.py [arguments...]  Usage: escript [options] script.py [arguments...]
8      -O N        Use N OpenMP threads (OMP_NUM_THREADS=N)      -O N        Use N OpenMP threads (OMP_NUM_THREADS=N)
9      -M K        Use K MPI processes      -M K        Use K MPI processes
10      -l 'launcher'   MPI launcher, usually 'mpirun -np' or 'mpiexec -n'      -l 'launcher'   MPI launcher, usually -l 'mpirun -np' or -l 'mpiexec -n'
11      -L /path    Prepend /path to library search path      -L /path    Prepend /path to library search path
12      -P /path    Prepend /path to python module search path      -P /path    Prepend /path to python module search path
13      script.py   Your python script      script.py   Your python script

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