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And get the *(&(*&(* name right
1 <HTML>
2 <HEAD>
3 <TITLE>Table of Contents</TITLE>
5 </HEAD>
6 <BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff">
8 <H1>Table of Contents</H1>
9 <H2>Classes</H2>
10 <UL>
11 <LI><A HREF="Range.html">Range</A> <I>Range is a simple class for storing one range. A range is specified by giving the minimum and maximum value for the range. Values within the range include the minimum and maximum range values, ie the ranges are inclusive. </I>
12 <UL></UL><LI><A HREF="RangeException.html">RangeException</A> <I>RangeException is the exception class for the Range class </I>
13 <UL></UL><LI><A HREF="RangeOverlapTest.html">RangeOverlapTest</A> <I>Functor class, used to search for overlapping ranges within a container of ranges </I>
14 <LI><A HREF="RangeWithinTest.html">RangeWithinTest</A> <I>Functor class, used to search through a container of ranges for the range that the value lies within. </I>
15 </UL>
16 <H2>Functions</H2>
17 <UL>
18 <LI><A HREF="General.html#operator=">operator=</A> <I>operator=</I>
19 </UL>
20 <I><A HREF="HIER.html">Hierarchy of classes</A></I><P><HR>
21 <BR>
22 This page was generated with the help of <A HREF="http://www.linuxsupportline.com/~doc++">DOC++</A>.
23 </BODY>


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