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Fri Dec 19 03:52:50 2008 UTC (13 years, 11 months ago) by caltinay
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Added escriptreader library with tools. For more information refer to README
file or wait for user documentation.

1 caltinay 2183
2     This directory contains the escriptreader library and some accompanying tools.
3     The escriptreader library provides functionality to read escript NetCDF files
4     that were produced using the dump() method of a domain or a data object. MPI
5     parallelized output, i.e. multiblock domains and data objects are supported.
7     Besides reading, the library currently supports conversion, assembling and
8     writing the data to the Silo file format if the Silo libraries are available.
11     Two programs are provided with the library:
13     esdcreate
14     ---------
16     This is a standalone program which helps with writing an ESD (escript dataset)
17     file for existing escript NetCDF files where the ESD file is not available.
18     Upon invocation, the program will ask questions about the dataset and will
19     produce the ESD file from that information.
22     escript2silo
23     ------------
25     This program depends on the libescriptreader library as well as the Silo
26     library. Its purpose is to convert a dataset into the Silo file format. The
27     tool takes one parameter, namely the ESD file name for the dataset to be
28     converted.
31     To build the program on a Linux like system issue ./bootstrap and ./configure.
32     The configure script provides the following additional arguments:
34     --with-escript-prefix=PATH - provide the prefix of your escript installation.
35     The path should contain a subdirectory include which contains escripts
36     header files.
38     --with-netcdf-prefix=PATH - provide the prefix of your NetCDF installation,
39     e.g. /usr or /sw/libs/netcdf/x86_64/gcc-4.1.2/netcdf-3.6.2
41     --with-silo-prefix=PATH - provide the prefix of your Silo installation, e.g.
42     /usr/local or /sw/libs/silo/x86_64/gcc-4.1.2/silo-4.6.1
44     --disable-esdcreate - use this to disable building of the esdcreate tool
46     --disable-escript2silo - use this to disable building of the escript2silo tool.
47     This is implied if the Silo libraries are not found.

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